Bug Program - Get Paid Up To $2000 For Hacking

Bug Campaign - Get Paid Up To $2000 For Hacking

Bug Program - Get Paid Up To $2000 For Hacking

All source code from our website, tokens, trading platforms, ... and our other tech products are open source. So, we open this campaign to expect everyone to be able to participate in our source code check to see if there are any bugs. If yes then hopefully you will pm directly to our direct admins via telegram, usename: @izichainadmin and @redstoneus.

*** Rewards: Will be distributed after the end of the ICO.

We will divide the level of danger of error you find to pay the reward:

Level 1. Medium: 1000 IZI

Level 2. Danger: 5000 IZI

Level 3. Extremely dangerous: 20000 IZI

* Note: All information about the error you find must be kept confidential. We only recorded the bug for the first time.

As soon as we fix the error you announced, you will be publicly rewarded on the list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cKwk8uD-5IGKOo8t2t-e4OTKBFyc0e3Yar_JsWjRxew/edit?usp=sharing